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Wallich Residence

Why Wallich Residence is known as Royal Masterpiece?

Everyone wants to live in luxury and comfort, isn’t it? If you also wish to live such a luxury lifestyle in Singapore, then Wallich Residence is a new luxury skyscraper you must look out for. This tower is a perfect example of world-class architecture. With exceptional design, breathtaking views and amazing amenities, you would wish […]

Are payment schemes available for Wallich Residence?

Wallich Residence is one of the tallest buildings in Singapore, developed by Guocoland Pvt ltd. The developer provided great payment schemes on Wallich Residence to serve the people who are interested in luxury life. As it is located in the heart of Central Business District everyone is very interested in Wallich Residence. And it gives […]

5 reasons to look at “Wallich Residence” during covid-19

During this pandemic situation, everyone has one doubt: How is real estate working? and had a confusion that, is this a good idea to invest in Singapore property! THINGS TO LOOK AT : Here are some points that will help you to get clarity Property prices are going down. Interest rates during this COVID-19 are […]

Which one is the safest investment with the highest return? – Wallich Residence

Do you want to know which one is the safest investment?   Yes, Obviously I am going to talk about Wallich Residence Investment which gives the highest returns and many more benefits. If we have thought to earn on investing, property investment is better in comparison with other investments. So here is the discussion about  Wallich […]

Foreigners Buy Singapore Luxury house In Covid-19

How Can Foreigners Buy A Singapore Luxury House In Covid-19?

Recently, there is news about the properties in Singapore are mostly sold to foreigners during covid-19. Yes, foreign people also buy Singapore Luxury House. Singapore is one of the luxurious and expensive countries in the world. There is a rise in the sale of Singapore Luxury House, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Foreigners also invest huge […]

How Singapore Real Estate Investors Can Find Opportunities To Buy Property

When our economy is put under immense pressure, when we consider the impacts of the coronavirus, this seems to be true. Millions of Singaporeans have lost their jobs since the beginning of the year in Wallich Residence Investment. Businesses have been facing lots of issues to operate under new guidelines of the Singapore government. As […]

Wallich Residence Property in Singapore

Buy A Property In Singapore

If you are thinking of moving to live, to work, to start a business or to retire,then it is good to know the likely cost of living in Singapore,where you choose a home is important factor, as prices vary enormously between districts and specific developments, depending on the level of luxury you want to buy […]

Wallich Residence Singapore

Is Condo a Good Investment in Singapore?

Singapore Central Condo : Most people have a question mark in their mind like is a condo a good investment or buying any property in Singapore Central Condo is it a good idea? Generally, people think in this way, investing in property is a good thing because the value of the property always rises up. […]

Something about the tallest building in Singapore – Wallich Residence

It is very privileged to talk about Wallich Residence, which is one of the Tallest Buildings in Singapore. Wallich Residence is the only home in Singapore starting at 180 meters above sea level and soaring to 290 meters above sea level, crowning the tallest building, Tanjong Pagar Centre, in Singapore. This Residence is located in […]

Wallich Residence Penthouse

The Wallich Residence Penthouse Sits on the top of the tallest building in Singapore – Tanjong Pagar Centre – built by developer GuocoLand Ltd Singapore is an island of wheel heeled stability that attracts the super-rich from its less-developed Southeast Asian neighbour’s.   There are some incredible landed properties and apartments an offer. The penthouse […]