Which is the Safest Investment in Singapore-Wallich Residence Investment

Which one is the safest investment with the highest return? – Wallich Residence

Wallich Residence Investment

Do you want to know which one is the safest investment?  

Yes, Obviously I am going to talk about Wallich Residence Investment which gives the highest returns and many more benefits. If we have thought to earn on investing, property investment is better in comparison with other investments.

So here is the discussion about  Wallich Residence Investment.

When we are going to invest in any property, we will definitely investigate some of the factors like

  • Property location
  • Rental income
  • Risky cases
  • Development chances
  • Comfortable amenities

As the Wallich Residence is one of Singapore’s central property, we can analyze the above factors for this property.

Property location:

The Wallich Residence is in the heart of CBD, the benefits like consuming less time for traveling because the malls and MRT lines are extremely near and the Residence is surrounded by many offices then it is very advantageous for workflow.

So, most of the residents will choose this type of location, Wallich Residence Investment has a better advantage for the investors.

Location Map

Rental Income:

And now we can go for rental income if we can invest in Wallich Residence property, and we can provide it for rent to earn income from house property so it could be one source of income.

As the Wallich Residence is one of the tallest buildings in Singapore, rental income is remarkably high. So, we can choose this investment for income too.

Risky cases:

Before investing in any property once we must go through the risky cases like damage to property, renovations, facilities, because having those issues may consume extra money.

The great thing is Wallich Residence is designed by the best architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. There is no chance of those risky cases by the way. so we can trust on Wallich Residence Investment does not have any risk chances.

Development Chances:

All of us know that the Singapore central area is the most developed, and has many chances for speed development further like planned Greater Southern Waterfront over the next 15 years, so there is no issue in development factor and no doubt at all to invest in Wallich Residence property.

Comfortable amenities:

Everyone firstly looks at peaceful surroundings for their residence to avoid their work pressure and it is quite necessary, That amenity available at Wallich Residence with high-end specifications. So, I am considering this is also the positive vibration towards Wallich Residence investment.

Wallich Residence Gallery

One more thing I must discuss here is about payment schemes. Wallich Residence has three types of payment schemes. Available as the Normal Payment Scheme (NPS), Deferred Payment Scheme (DPS), and Reservation Scheme (RS). To know more about these schemes visit Wallich Residence Schemes

The Wallich Residence is starting at 180 meters above sea level and provides a luxury life for those who need to be on top.

Wallich Residence is near to the Expressways like Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (ARY). So if you drive this provides easy access to Changi Airport (just in minutes) as well as the western area of Singapore. This is also one of the reasons that foreigners are also investing in this property.

Hope I had provided the information which you need to know, for the next step visit Wallich residence

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