Wallich Residence Showflat

The Wallich Residence Show Flat is integrated with the park is a 32,000sqft civic space. And makes everything that has come before, merely an exercise in anticipation of its arrival. Wallich Residence quite literally, the highest level one can aspire to. Architecture is the embodiment of a city’s ambition. It tells the story of its history, and of its transformation. In every city, stands one tower that defines the Wallich Residence Showflat Beauty.

Thanks for your interest. Our official Developer Appointed Sales Team will assist you. We can assure you that our sales representatives are well-trained to give you the right information and you would be offered the Direct developer’s price & discounts.

Important Note: 1 unit sold in February, 2 units sold in December, 3 units sold in November, 3 units sold in September, 5 units sold in August, 2 units sold in July, 7 units sold in June, incase if you wish to  book unit, please call our developer appointed sales   +65 67707757  to reserve your dream unit before you visit Wallich Residence showflat to avoid any further disappointment.