Benefits to Buy a Singapore House - Wallich Residence Condo
Wallich Residence Property in Singapore

Benefits to Buy a House in Singapore

Benefits to Buy a House in Singapore – Wallich Residence

Singapore house

Usually, citizens within the world consider the benefits of anything which they require to buy such as a phone, car, house, property, etc. Buying a Singapore house may be a big thing for the people, therefore the first point they look at their financial support. An additional point which comes into their mind benefits to buy a house or the benefits of that area. It is a good idea to know the details of that place or residence where they choose to live.
Singapore is the best place to buy a house where there is a new lifestyle, luxury, and a comfortable nature available here. The decision to buy a Singapore house is not easy, people need guidelines to purchase. There are some beneficiaries of buying a  Singapore house.

  • The locality of the residence
  • Facilities which will be available within the building
  • Design and infrastructure
  • Services around the house
  • Payment methods

The locality of the residence:

Singapore is one of the most effective countries for getting residence in the world. It is also the safest locality, where people can feel secure. Most of the foreigners and other country citizens buy houses in Singapore. It is a nation with 92 percent homeownership, less in the number who rest a house in Singapore. People who live in Singapore city say there is less crime doesn’t mean any crime. It is a place with tight security wherever you go there will be CCTV cameras. 24-hours security guards will sit near the main gate.

When an unknown or any guest person enters the residence building his or her full details will be noted down near the entrance. After the complete check-up only they can be allowed to their house. Including with this, their face is recorded in CCTV footage. This is the best advantage to the families who are living in those residences, even if they can leave their children to play in playgrounds without any problem.

Facilities which will be available within the building:

Generally, people go out to pools to train their kids to build their bodies for fitness travel to their local area gym centers. And if they want to relax else for parties, search for stunning locations in their leisure time. This is a time waste process for the residents, so Wallich Residence provides all these facilities in one place. Private facilities like swimming pools, gym, tennis court, BBQ pits, spas, restaurants, offices, parks, and most of them are provided inside the Wallich apartment. With these kinds of facilities, people get beneficial about their time, money, and feel comfortable, luxury at their place only.

Design and infrastructure:

Having a dreamlike living a lifestyle in an award-winning condo that is designed by a famous architect and developer. Then, Wallich Residence was developed by GuocoLand Pte. Ltd., one of the most famous developers in the world. The company offers residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, development, investment, and management of properties. It assists clients in many places such as Singapore, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. One of the leading architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firms in the world is Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM). It has a 75 years reputation for design ability and a portfolio that includes the most important architectural achievements of the 20th and 21st century.

Singapore’s tallest building also has 181 residential units on top of the tower and from the 39th to the 64th floor. The Wallich Residence one of the tallest buildings range from one to four-bedroom units (614 to 2034 sq.ft.). Wallich Residence penthouse is situated at the top of Guoco Tower from the 58th to the 61st floors (3,509 sq.ft.). Super Penthouse of 21,108sq.ft. occupies the 63rd and the 64th floors. It also contains pools on the 39th floor, a private library, a theatre, and private dining on the 52nd floor.

Services around the Singapore house:

The trend has been growing for Condos to have their retail shops under one roof. Some people want to go to stores or to the restaurant late- night, it is not safe for the residents to travel. So, Wallich Residence provides all necessary needs at one place to those who buy a house. Few other people bother about their fitness and other activities in the morning walk for those services. These kinds of services are also available to Wallich residence.

Payment methods:

Wallich Residence has 3 payment schemes such as

Normal payment scheme: This scheme is also known as progressive payment schemes which are installment wise payment.

Deferred payment scheme: This scheme allows the person stepping into it to delay making some or all of their payments to the agency for the care and support they receive.

Reservation scheme: first you may pay 10% to secure the OTP, then you may be having one year to exercise OTP. After completion of the development, you’ll pay the overall amount and move into your house.

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